Look ma, I’m a drummer!

I’m a music nut. Really, I like my music. I like to play it, and I like to play it loud. I live on the 7th floor, but it doesn’t stop me from cranking up Rock Band and stomping on the foot pedal like a madman. I haven’t had any complaints. Yet. Maybe my neighbors are dead, and nobody knows it…

Well, I recently got a chance to play around with the new Rock Band 2 drum kit, from Ion – makers of some real electric drum kits. You know, the kind actual drummers use? Yeah – awesome. And the Rock Band kit they made is just that. Everything feels more solid and responsive. The pads are um… padded, so the music in the game doesn’t get drowned out by your amazing drummer (keep telling him that – you need a drummer) flagellating the drums. The pads are individually adjustable for personal taste, and the kit includes two cymbals to use instead of pads for a more realistic experience. And I’m all about the realism. I’ve never played drums before – but I can play “…And Justice for All” on hard, so I must know what I’m talking about. Can you do that?

This kit is a fantastic setup. Even if it’s not a realistic experience (and I swear, it feels realistic), it makes for an amazing one. If you play Rock Band religiously, or want an experience, then the $300 price tag is well worth it to get this kit. If not, then you can always get the cheaper $80 toy that came with Rock Band 1. But if you’re going to do that, at least pay the extra ten bucks for a wireless set.


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