The wanderer

The first sensation he had upon waking was a cool breeze across his face. Where was he? How did he get here? How long had he been asleep?

All of these questions, and more, raced through his mind as he let himself slowly gain consciousness. But one question came crashing through the rest, leaving his mind in a shambles: who was he?

He opened his eyes with a start. It took him a brief moment to regain his composure, but he determined not to be shaken by this gap in his memory. He was him. That was all that he needed to know, for now.

He lay on a hard, smooth surface, raised about four feet off the ground. As he shifted his body and sat up, a cloud of dust sent him into fits of coughing. Just how long had he been here?

His resting place was a small chamber of stone, with no obvious entrance or exit. In one wall, a crystaline window shimmered with light from outside. And next to it hung an axe, itself of black and silver crystal.

On pure instinct, the man rose from the slab & grabbed the axe. His body seemed on autopilot. He didn’t know why he was doing this… but he knew it was right. With all his might, he swung the axe, first chipping, then cracking the window. Within ten swings, he had breached the window, and a figid wind came howling into the chamber. Another twenty had the window gone, and much of the wall following it.

Not long after, the man took his first steps into the outside world. With a dull red sun shining down on his face, he looked out on a vast and empty ruins, long abandoned and buried in snow. He spent many days searching the ruins, with no sign of life anywhere. He had no thought for food, or water, or sleep – only the hunt for life, and answers. He had a purpose here, but what, he could not remember.

Weeks went by before he began to admit to himself that his answers would not be found here. Not only had he been asleep for who knew how long… but not another soul was to be found. He still did not know who he was, or how he came to be here. He had a purpose, but it was lost to him…

(More to come…)


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