Who is Modern Sage?

Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find my musings on various topics from philosophy to music. From sleep and dreams to movies and games. You’ll find objectivist opinions and philosophies founded in subjective reality. Nothing is off limits for me, and I’m not afraid of voicing an unpopular opinion.

So why do I call myself Modern Sage?

Modern’s easy: I’m a tech geek, and I live in the modern world. My views are colored by this, and my voice is a forward-looking one.

But why sage? Well, I’ll start by saying I’m not talking about the plant. Another less common and more archaic use of the word sage is “having or exhibiting wisdom and calm judgment.” Am I arrogant to call myself this? Maybe. (Yes.) Is it out of line? I don’t think so.

I’m actually a relatively humble man. Well, I used to be. But I’ve had many peers come to me for advice in a wide range of topics, whether I believe myself to be a good source or not. I’ve had many tell me how wise my perspectives are—exactly that word. And looking at my own life, I must admit I’ve made very few real mistakes. I know when to admit I’m not good at something (including the ability to admit I am good at something). And I try my best to learn from the mistakes that I do make.

I’m by no means a proverbial “wise-man,” but I believe my views are well thought-out, and worth spreading for the world to hear.

But don’t take my word for it. Judge for yourself.

Welcome to Modern Sage.


One Response to Who is Modern Sage?

  1. Cecile Rico says:

    You have a passion for writing and a talent for of unique expressions. I look forward to reading more..

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